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Monday, 1 February 2016

February Book of the Month

Savour Each Stitch: Studio Quilting with Mindful Design
by Caroline Friedlander
published with Lucky Spool, 2014
Caroline Friedlander is a popular pattern + fabric designer from Florida, USA.  With a background in architecture, Caroline has made her mark in the quilting, craft + textile world with a modern + refreshing approach to pattern + colour.  Known for her modern, organic aesthetic + love of hand appliqué, her quilts are instantly recognisable by her use of pattern, colour + texture.
Savour Each Stitch is "an exploration of how eight different projects can be completely reinterpreted by incorporating the design principles of line, contrast, colour, scale, emphasis, texture + volume."
This is a particularly inspirational book for those quilt makers keen to take the design process into their own hands; tips + workshops are included throughout on developing the design principles to suit your own unique style.
This is a far cry from your typical quilt pattern book - hand appliqué features heavily with an emphasis on the "slow sewing" philosophy + enjoying the process of hand making.
You can purchase a copy of Savour Each Stitch from our online store or our Noosa Heads store.

Happy Sewing!

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